OUR GOAL; EMAS, a subsidiary of the Elginkan Group and operating in the Heat Sector, is a key stakeholder in Istanbul, Manisa and Regional Sales Representatives to provide a safer and healthier working environment for our employees.  

OUR GOAL; In order to ensure a safe and healthy work environment, we determine the risks and make the necessary improvements and follow the results continuously and minimize our risks.  

To provide them;  

Documenting Occupational Health and Safety Management System and ensuring its implementation and maintenance, To carry out risk analysis in the workplace, to prevent the risks, injuries and diseases that may cause work accidents, In line with our OHS policy, our stakeholders can contribute at every stage, to determine the OHS targets, to create programs to achieve these goals, to review the practices and results and to continuously improve our OHS management and performance,

To make trainings in order to improve the occupational health and safety awareness of our stakeholders and to ensure their continuity and Comply with Occupational Health and Safety Legislation, Laws and Elginkan Community Regulations, Our Occupational Health and Safety Policy is aimed at our employees, stakeholders and third parties. to make announcements and keep them open, commitment and declaration.